Power Up your Late Summer Meditation with Lemon, Frankincense and Sandalwood Essential oils

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Late Summer is a special season, occurring between the Summer solstice and the Fall equinox, and is the approximate middle of the lunar year. It is the season of the Earth element.This is a time of fullness, of enjoying the bounty of the farmer.In acupuncture theory, there are additional associations with Late Summer/Earth:the color yellow, the sound of singing, the sweet taste, a fragrant odor.The pathological emotion associated with “Earth”is obsession or compulsion. The healthy emotional expression is sympathy, contemplation, and the ability to concentrate and meditation.

We see meditation and mindfulness in the news a lot lately because there is so much good science coming out about the benefits. Meditation significantly improves mood and resilience, lowers stress, and even lengthens telomeres (those structure at the ends of chromosomes which are long when we’re young but shorten as we age, reflecting effects of aging). Meditation and mindfulness are even being taught in some elementary schools with positive outcomes in mood, problem-solving, improved test scores and better social coherence.So why don’t we all meditate??!?

What will Help?

The Goldilocks among us need the surroundings to be just right. We need a comfy chair (https://www.thegrommet.com/alexia-ergonomic-meditation-seat-fabric) or zafu (the special, round, firm pillow you see in meditation rooms https://www.dharmacrafts.com/zzseteco/zafu-zabuton-set-eco ),

a quiet, private space, maybe some ambient background music, maybe silence, or maybe even an easy-to-use meditation app (such as Insight Timer https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/insight-timer-meditation-app/id337472899?mt=8 or HeadSpace https://www.headspace.com ) and incense or essential oils.

Essential oils

Essential oils travel directly to the brain through the cribriform plate in your nose. That’s one reason why they have a powerful impact on mood, meditation and concentration. Here are three essential oils that particularly resonate with the Earth/Late Summer season to set the stage for a positive meditation experience, or for when concentration is called for. If you enjoy these oils, feel free to use them throughout the year!

Late Summer Season

Frankincense, an Earth element oil, has profound psychological and spiritual benefits, recognized the world over by religious and spiritual traditions. It can calm and center the mind, which makes its effect gently tranquilizing, yet deeply clarifying. It helps to still the mind, and cease mental chatter. It promotes single-pointed concentration, that state that allows the cares of the day to fall away so that we may experience peace. It may be used when we are distracted by a multitude of thoughts, worries or the mental agitation caused by too much news, social media, and the never-ending list of things to do.

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Sandalwood is associated with Earth, as well as the Water element (Winter). The additional influence of the Water element may explain its ability to cool, calm and support an over-heated nervous system. It can be used for hot, agitated emotional states that lead to headache, insomnia and nervous exhaustion. It is considered “divinely sweet” by author Gabriel Mojay. This is the essential oil to reach for when we want to reconnect to our primordial sense of being, our essential self, an experience of palpable life. It is indicated for obsessive worry, over-attachment and neurotic needs for security. It helps integrate the Spirit with the Senses.

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“Kitchen herbs” are sometimes under-appreciated for their gifts beyond the table. But here is Lemon: clarifying, light and refreshing. It is for the heavy-headed and congested person whose concentration is fuzzy and dull. It helps to maximize learning and memory. It helps disperse confusion and eases worry; it rescues a mind bogged down with excess mental baggage. Lemon oil is released when you cut through the rind, or zest it for cooking. The next time you need a squeeze of fresh lemon, leave the used piece on your kitchen counter for a few hours and enjoy the fresh scent before it dissipates.

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So enjoy the Late Summer groove and empower your meditation with these seasonal essential oils. Here is a trusted resource for ordering essential oils, as well as other trusted professional brands.

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When you come for your seasonal acupuncture tune-up: Fall Immune Boost, you’ll benefit from having Earth points needled during the Late Summer/Earth season. And for extra advantage, arrange your appointment between 9-11 a.m. to take advantage of the time of day associated with Earth.

Happy Inner Landscape Exploration!!

May your Late Summer Season be filled with Frankincese, Sandalwood and Lemon.

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